JBL Coachella
To support the JBL VIP tent experience at Coachella, JBL asked us to create a campaign that shows our fans that we understand that the best part of Coachella is being there.  Festivals have great moments in addition to some not-so-great moments, and JBL gets that. So we built a campaign that makes light of those times when amazing music festivals come with their own challenges. #OnlyAtCoachella  allowed JBL to participate in the Coachella conversation from an insider's point-of-view. And by doing so JBL was able to be a brand that festival goers engaged with, rather than just another brand that distracted from their experience.
Influencer Content
To get the #OnlyAtCoachella campaign kicked off,  we had Instagram influencers known for their spirited lifestyles share their Coachella experiences on Instagram via the @JBLAudio channel.