To support the 2018 Nissan Kicks launch, we partnered with online culture hub PopSugar to highlight personal stories that embodied the pursuit of progress, creating native content that showcased how the vehicle fits into their tech-forward lifestyle.* We showcased how these innovators were pushing the boundaries of what's next in their respective fields; Jessica Naziri (founder of Tech Sesh, a female driven website that solves all your digital dilemmas) as well as Kemar Newell (founder of Flip, an online sneakerhead resale portal. Each entrepreneur talked about the importance of embracing technology while integrating the Kicks into their daily hustle.
*Content was created in partnership with Popsugar through creative media consultancy
Jessica Nazari is a LA based on-air tech expert, and founder of TechSesh, a brand and blog aimed at empowering, educating and entertaining the modern woman through technology. Her bold pursuit of breaking boundaries and democratizing tech made her a standout in future tech.
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When Flip founder Kemar Newell  realized that sneakerheads were reselling the latest kicks on a variety of websites to find the best price, Kemar knew he could turn his hobby into a full-fledged business.Unlike other online platforms, Flip guarantees that every item will sell within 90 minutes — or they’ll buy it. With this forward-thinking business model and his pulse on what's next, he was the perfect embodiment of the KICKS mentality.
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