Aids is Going to Lose.
Chevron has contributed to the fight against AIDS in the countries where it operates for nearly 30 years. It is a disease that effects many of it’s employees and the communities where they live.  For World Aids Day, Chevron wanted a campaign that would educates people about the disease in order to prevent future spreading. The Aids is Going to Lose campaign was created as a rallying cry in support of AIDS eradication. Awareness of the disease is a major component in fighting AIDS, so we armed our audience with tools and information that could be shared via twitter, facebook, Youtube, and the site. We also launched a global contest taking submissions from filmmakers telling their stories of how Aids is Going to Lose.

The Aids is Going to Lose campaign drove unparalleled traffic to the site. 183,824 unique visitors came to the site, where time spent was 80% higher than the site average. The spot garnered 251,928 video views (in-banner video, YouTube, and combined). On Facebook the campaign netted 111,093 Likes, 10,059 shares,16,884 new fans
The #AidsIsGoingToLose reached over 215 million people in 240 countries on Twitter with 
nearly 10,000 facts tweeted from site.
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