Tokimonsta + Strangeloop
Billboard Hot 100 Festival Innovators SERIES
New ideas don’t just appear. They grow from influence to inspiration to innovation. For the launch of the new Nissan KICKS, we championed how technology can move you, both in the vehicle and beyond.

The vehicle's younger audience is curious, and constantly innovating. Rather than adhering to one career path, they have their hands in many pursuits. And with the vehicle's unique Bose 360 sound Headrest and color customization options, we wanted to partner with artists who embodied that drive and passion. We found that in artists Tokimonsta, a trailblazing electronic music dj who overcame a medical condition that left her unable to understand speech and sound and went on to win 2018's Grammy for Best Electronic Dance Album. And her long-time visual design partner, Strangeloop (aka David Wexler), widely known for the groundbreaking performance visuals produced for Flying Lotus.

We had our Nissan engineers collaborate with these influential innovators to create a sensory driven, livestream event inspired by the Nissan KICKS and culminating at the Billboard 100 Festival. Working together, they demonstrated the ability to create art through their technological mediums, and incorporating the KICKS feature technologies and style in a series social-first videos and livestream event.

The event resulted in a +293% increase in average daily mentions of @NissanUSA with a total of +52.3k mentions during the campaign flight. The custom performance generated over 18.1 million views.