For the launch of the new NISSAN Leaf coinciding with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie, Nissan was looking for an activation that ignited excitement online and via social. Our solution? The first-of-its-kind MASTER THE DRIVE: 100% Electric Twitch Battle. Two Twitch Influencers representing the First Order and The Resistance drove the Nissan LEAF to victory by navigating a real live course and battling obstacles hurled at one another. The victor won the ultimate prize: Leading the red carpet arrival and a seat at opening night. Fans watching joined in the action by helping their side or disrupting the challenger with hindrances throughout the mission.

After completing the course, our influencers engaged in live Star Wars trivia on their way to the red carpet event. Chat interactions were through the roof at 426% above benchmark. In total we garnered 183K viewers during the event. A record setting feat for an automotive brand on the platform.